Our Services

Conway & Mrowiec is able to provide services on almost all construction law issues.  Some of our services include:

  • Consultation:  We are readily available to provide advice based on our extensive knowledge and experience in order to guide clients through complex legal issues, identify and solve problems and avoid litigation. 
  • Litigation:  We prosecute and defend claims in state and federal courts related to contract performance, payments and almost any other claim arising from a construction project.
  • Mediation and Arbitration:  We have extensive experience representing clients in alternative dispute resolution.  Whether the mediation of a relatively small claim or the arbitration of a multi-million dollar claim, Conway & Mrowiec provides cost-efficient, effective representation. 
  • Case Evaluation.  Even before a complaint or demand is filed, Conway & Mrowiec can use its years of experience and extensive knowledge of what arguments actually work at trial to assist clients in evaluating their claims.  This can lead to early and favorable resolution, without years of litigation delay and expense.
  • Mechanics Lien Preparation and Prosecution: We prepare and prosecute mechanics lien claims for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.  We have drafted and litigated well over five hundred mechanics lien claims on public and private projects in Illinois and throughout the United States. Among the complex issues addressed include priority with lenders, the lienability of various services, multiple contracts, overstatement,  the allocation of amounts due and completion dates on complex multi-owner projects such as condominiums, mixed use and shopping center projects, and “last day of work” issues.
  • Contract Negotiation, Drafting and Review:  We draft, negotiate and review all types of construction, design, consulting, operating and joint venture agreements and have done so on over one billion dollars worth of construction.  
  • Public Contract Law:  We provide counsel regarding public contracts bidding and award by local, county and state governments.  We are experienced prosecuting and defending public project claims in courts and administrative proceedings.  We have experience with bid protests, bid mistakes, termination and debarment.
  • Surety and Bond Law:  We prosecute payment and performance bond claims on private and public projects.  We have experience pursing claims on behalf of sureties. 
  • Insurance Coverage:  We advise regarding insurance coverage issues and prosecute insurance coverage disputes.  

See our Specific Experience page for more information on our work.