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Ken Cripe authors the law column for  His articles include:

  • Recovery of Attorney's Fees Under the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act, February, 2017 [read article]
  • "Pay-If-Paid" and "Pay-When-Paid" Subcontracts, Who Bears the Risk When the Owner Fails to Pay?, January, 2017  [Read Article]
  • Who is the "Contractor" For Determination of Funds Available to Satisfy Lien Claims Under Section 30 of the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act?, September, 2015
  • Contractors Beware:  Express Indemnity Clauses in Construction Contracts May Mean 10 Years of Potential Liability, February, 2015
  • Statute of Limitations for Temporary Work Performed on Construction Projects May, 2014
  • Under What Circumstances Will A Subcontractor Be Bound By Its Bid? January, 2014
  • Letters of Intent:  Are They Binding Contracts or Just Agreements To Continue Negotiating? October, 2013 
  • You Got Me Covered, Right?:  Illinois Court Finds That General Contractor Did Not Waive Coverage Under Subcontractor's Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy, July, 2013 
  • When Timely Recording a Mechanics Lien and Timely Filing Suit to Foreclose a Mechanics Lien May Still be Too Late, May, 2013
  • Recent Appellate Case Holds A Public Entity Liable To A Subcontractor For Failure To Enforce The Illinois Public Construction Bond Act Requirements, March, 2013
  • Ten years is Ten Years: “Repair Work” Held to Not Extend the Duration for Contractor’s Liability for Construction Damage Claims, February, 2013
  • Sorry, That’s No Exception: An Illinois Appellate Court Affirms the Validity of a “No Damages for Delay” Clause, Denying a Subcontractor’s Claim for Delay Damages, January, 2013